Ad Posting Job Instructions

Company Policy – We believe people are our strength and they are fundamental to our

Instructions – The instructions are basically the step to know about the profile, to know the job, to get a briefing about the subject. It is given stepwise to make things easier for all.

Password Allotment – Registered Candidates are given a password for accessing / visiting our website where jobs are allotted and latest information regarding payment etc is published and for communication with us.

Commencement of Job – This has to start within Two days from the date of registration. This is the standard procedure we follow.

Job Description – Jobs as per order / contract will be forwarded to each candidate. No addition or deletion is allowed until and unless specified. For any editing job respective directions will be forwarded or intimated.

AIM — The work i.e data entry job adopted for online advertising and to get online traffic to the matter whatever we will be entry into the website mentioned.


1) A P-4 computer with the proper hardware installed.

2) Minimum 64 kbps internet connectivity.

3) The person operating should be a computer literate with at least ms-office operation.

JOB MATTER — We will giving a matter to each member to entry into the website mentioned. After entry the matter into the website you will get a confirmation link where the matter has been saved. The link what you get needs to be saved into the our report format. The link should be in such a fashion that whenever we click on the link the entry matter should be displayed then it is a valid link.

Free Classifieds Sites only – Jobs are specific in nature hence one has to follow company’s directions strictly. We at present offer you only Free Classifieds Sites. No excuses will be entertained for any deviation of orders.

Repetition / Deletion / Addition – One should follow the norms and should not repeat, delete or add anything to the given assignment, unless and until specified.

Site Selection – Selection of sites should be as per the direction. Sample demonstration will be provided before the assignment commence. The company is not allowed the posting in sub domain, same design site, porn site, adult site, same script use site, php configuration site, blog site, entertainment site, forum site, zero traffic site (Company provide you the banned-keyword for finding the banned-site, the banned-site are not allowed for posting the ad).

Record Keeping and Reports – Bi daily wise online reports are to be submit on regular basis. Irregularity may lead to De-activation of Contracts. There is a clear system of reporting and accountability within the organization. Hence reporting is mandatory. You will be tracking your work report and earning details in any time on the member area.

Job Allocation and Payments – Assignment will be sent to you in advance in any way reliable to you i.e. Email / Phone etc. Incase of any problems please let us know in advance. Terms of payments will be passed on to you during registration.

Change of Address – Candidates should update any change in address. Email ID / phone number / Postal address are subjected to change and so the changes should be reported as soon as possible otherwise Job allotment and pay may be misplaced.

N. B. – Company rules are liable to change as and when required. This are global tenders are subjected to changes over a period.