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Dear Opportunity Seeker



The Mail Order Business is probably there is no other business in this world today, which can be started with such a small investment and without experience, which can produce such a spectacular result right from the start. We are sure, a careful and analytical study of the facts printed the Circular will assist you in making an intelligent decision. Now …you can have your own business, start the finish whenever you want and confidently expect money orders, DD’s and cheques everyday, we always here to assist you in all possible ways to make you successful. The mail order business is running from the best 8 years successfully and now a member of inter –circle. USA the firm is having many dealers all over WEST BENGAL, ANDHRAPRADESH, KERALA, TAMILNADU, ASSAM, like at DELHI, PUNJUB, KOLKATA, GUJRAT, PUNE, DARJEELING, SIKKIM etc. 


The company deals with different types of HOME-BASED JOBS, like Data Entry (ad posting/typing/form entry), internet income, MOB, Mail net and many more jobs, unique techniques, modern working idea, theory and vital information etc. and as day by day the firm is growing bigger , because of many branches due to which there is increased in work load. And also with respects to the branches, which are growing. To be open shortly the company is recruiting people from all over the INDIA.

PLACE OF WORK:-You can start the work from house or wherever you feel good 95% of our employees are working from home, as it is more convenient.

QUALIFICATION:- The person should be at least 18 years of age and should have basic knowledge of English.

REGARDING THE WORK:- As the Company is dealings with different types of job works, mail order business, data entry jobs, internet income opportunity, many more publication and books MOB/works, everyday it is recruiting people for work. After getting REGISTERED in the company, you will be provided with all the necessary material and Online WELCOME KIT/ ONLINE BUSINESS CONCEPT KIT, which you will need to start the work, with that kit, you will get a sample of three promotional circular, forms etc, and all the information’s regarding how to start MOB/WORK. If you want you can use the ready made set of promotional circular or if you want you can make any necessary changes in it as. Per your requirement and can make a new promotional circulars. The company will provide all the necessary information’s to write promotional (you don’t have to write promotional letter every time, you can use the photocopy of one successful promotional letter), after writing a promotional letter you have to attached it with other paper and forms of the company, than put it in a envelopes and post it.

TO WHOM YOU’LL POST LETTERS:- Dear opportunity seekers, the material & book, which instruction you will get from our head office will give you all the information regarding to whom, you have to send promotional letters, surprisingly, you don’t have to search people : everyday you’ll get more than 200+address, by utilizing our strategies. So don’t worry for the address just read all the material, instruction and book carefully, which you will get and started the works within 10 days.

POSTAGE STAMP & ENVELOP COST:- Don’t worry for any postage stamp and envelops cost, you don’t have to pay a single rupee for all these, you’ll automatically get all envelopes along with stamp FREE of cost. Just put necessary papers in if & post it. Here everything in arranged from you and that’s why it is best part-time job ever found which people like to do.

In the starting at least 2-3 hrs a day will require for understanding the work, and there is no end for this business/works you can start and stop it whenever you want. Good thing is that no one earns to stop because it’s very PROFITABLE.

FOR WHAT YOU’LL PAY Rs.680/-: Dear regarding person we are taking Rs.680/- from you to enroll your name in the register list of the company as a registered MOB worker which needs many processing and also for the important materials and books containing vital information’s regarding different strategies and techniques to get 1000’s people address and free postage, stamps etc, and many more important in formations which you need to start MOB worked WITHIN 10 DAYS.

YOUR PAYMENT:- After 10 days or before, from the day of posting letters, your payment will start coming to you by DD’s/Cheque/M.O …Everyday you’ll get lots of payments. Many MOB worker are getting at least a minimum of 25 payments in a month that means around Rs.10750/- and hard workers are getting more than 60 payments that means Rs. 25,800/-

ADVANTAGES:- In this mail order business, there is NO FACE TO FACE contacts between YOU-THE PEOPLE TO WHOM YOU POST LETTERS & THE COMPANY with WHOM YOU’LL WORK, until & unless you want , so it is suitable for everyone.

Any man, women, young or old, employed, unemployed at any place can start mail order business. Mail order business is nothing but doing /conducting business by mail. It is one of the world’s largest India’s fastest growing and most exciting businesses. Where in millions are making big profits consistently. Now you can join them. Out unique course shows you everything you need to know and run the mail order business from SCRATCH. The mail order business equal opportunities that you learn all you can, read all you can. The business you can start with your name and 

The best advantage is the FREE CONSULTANCY which will get and will be you additional income, other than what you earned from MOB work from the book and instruction you’ll learned very easily step-by-step that what you have write/type in letters which you will post along with other companies paper. And you don’t have to search the people you will automatically get hundreds of people who are doing their job too are now getting more than Rs.5000/-per month and some of theme after getting experience of

more than.6 months in MOB worker are now getting at least Rs. 10,000/- or more. So now only grab this wonderful opportunity before the free dealership get closes. Success is 100%.


1. How to start & operate your own profitable mail order business at home.

2. Getting started in the mail order business.

3. Mail order best kept secrets.

4. The only sure way to make your own mail order fortune.

5. How to make big profits in mail order starting from a scratch.

6. Mail order book keeping basics.

7. Create your own mail order products.

8. Mail order money making plans & ideas.

9. How to make fun with mail order & make some money.

10. Do’s & don’s of profitable mail order.

11. Money maker’s guide to easy mail order riches.

12. Ways to make money in mail order.

13. 10 mail order questions to make you succeed.

14. Mail order business management & business tools.

15. Dictionary of mail order. 


Candidates, who cannot Pay Online Registration Fees, can take Print-Outs of Registration Form Page. Fill it with all necessary information & send along with prescribed fees. Rs.680/- [ or $15 ], in the form of Demand Draft in Favor of "Universal Info Service", Payable at Siliguri, West Bengal, India.

Heavy Discount

This complete home study course + free money making kit+ free dealership Certificate worth Rs. 1500/- is all yours just Rs. 680/-only. (for all other countries US$ 60.00 or equivalent) offered for limited period only.

How to apply…………………….

Take your pen simply to complete the membership application form bellow with your details, post it along with Rs. 680/- demand draft to the head office “Universal Info Service” Near- Bela Bakery, APC Sarani, Deshbandhupara, West Bengal, India

Immediate Delivery

This well packed home – study course guide and other material will be send to you by Online . Only limited copies are available.

Hurry up !! Act now!!







Risk free membership application

Yes. I want to start my own profitable mail order business; please issue the home study course package with includes “appointment order + FREE MOB + free money making + free dealership”. Also registered my name as a member and send me all guidelines to get started successfully. I have enclosed a D.D of Rs.680/-

Drawn from bank: ___________________________________________

D.D number: ____________________ Dated: _____________________


I understand that if I am not absolutely pleased with what I received-or if I discover online mail order business is not for me- I can’t any claim against  “Universal Info Service” Near- Bela Bakery, APC Sarani, Deshbandhupara, Siiguri, West Bengal, India. No questions asked.

I am also responding within 10 days. Please send me FREE “ONLINE MONEY MAKING KIT” along with my course package.

Name:     _________________________________

Address  _________________________________



State: _______________________. Pin_________

Phone: _________________ Age: _____________
Email ID-


Send this entire circular with payment to the contact office “Universal Info Service” Near- Bela Bakery, APC Sarani, Deshbandhupara, Siliguri, West Bengal, India
Complain and Jurisdiction:- In the event of any dispute or difference arising between the candidates (User & Universal Info Service) here to relating to or arising out of this terms, including the implementation, execution interpretation, rectification, validity, enforceability, termination or rescission thereof, including the rights, obligation or liabilities of the parties ( User and Universal Info Service) here to, the same will be adjudicated and determined by arbitration. The Indian arbitration and conciliation act, 1996 or any statutory amendment or re-enactment thereof is force in India, shall govern the reference. Either party shall appoint their respective arbitrator or the arbitrators thus appointed the third arbitrator who shall function as the presiding arbitrator. The venue of arbitration shall be Coochbehar, West Bengal state only. The courts in the city of Coochbehar, West Bengal shall have exclusive jurisdiction entertain, try and determine the same.

1.     I/we hereby apply for appointment as a self-employed agent for the sale of UNIVERSAL INFO SERVICE products (as a Independent Mail Order Business Distributor)
2.     I/We certify that the information supplied by me/us in this application form is correct.
3.     I/We understand that the terms & conditions of my/our appointment as a UNIVERSAL INFO SERVICE independent distributor include (but without imitation) all the terms & conditions contained in the UNIVERSAL INFO SERVICE rules of business and  I/We have read in the website & received the copy of the current rules of business contained in the website of  UNIVERSAL INFO SERVICE
4.     I/We undertake read and familiarize myself/our selves with rules of business within 7 days of the date hereof and before engaging in any activity as a UNIVERSAL INFO SERVICE independent distributor of Mail Order Business.
5.     I/We agree to abide by said rules of business including amendments thereto, published or notified to me/us by UNIVERSAL INFO SERVICE  from time to time.
6.     I/We accept in the case of me/us breaching any stipulation made in rules of business UNIVERSAL INFO SERVICE is entitled to immediately and unilaterally terminate my/our appointment without having to enter into legal proceeding to require such termination.
7.     I/We understand that must be 18 years of age or older to be and to carry on business as a duly appointed UNIVERSAL INFO SERVICE independent distributor.
8.     I/We acknowledge that I/We will be at all times self employed person(s) in relation to the carrying on of my/our activities as a UNIVERSAL INFO SERVICE independent distributor and shall at no time be or deemed to be an employee of UNIVERSAL INFO SERVICE
9.     I/We understand that if my/our initial appointment as an UNIVERSAL INFO SERVICE independent distributor are valid for 12 calendar months from the month of appointment.
10.     I/We further understand that if i/we case to be duly appointed UNIVERSAL INFO SERVICE independent distributor for any reason i/we automatically lose my/our rights as UNIVERSAL INFO SERVICE independent distributor.
11.     I/we understand that i/we have submit the signed renewal form along with the renewal fee 30 days before the month in which my appointment expired.
12.     I/we understand this will allow me/us to continue my/our activities as UNIVERSAL INFO SERVICE independent distributor and such payment shall be reconfirm my/our obligation to abide by the UNIVERSAL INFO SERVICE rules to business contained in the website of  UNIVERSAL INFO SERVICE
13.     I/we accept the right of UNIVERSAL INFO SERVICE or reject this application or my/our appointment as an UNIVERSAL INFO SERVICE independent distributor as its absolute discretion and without being required to give any reason thereof.
14.     I/we agree that the UNIVERSAL INFO SERVICE rules of business shall be incorporated in and deemed to from part of the agreement between myself/ourselves and UNIVERSAL INFO SERVICE with effect from the date of which UNIVERSAL INFO SERVICE accept this application. All application from should be accompanied by payment towards Registration Fees ( Service Charge) either in Cash or by Pay Order/ Bank draft-favoring Universal Info Service payable at Siliguri.
15.     The independent distributor shall be responsible for complying with the state sale tax, all other local laws, as may be applicable to him/her from to time and obtaining all licenses and registration as may be required for running his/her business from time to time.
16. the independent distributor agrees to use UNIVERSAL INFO SERVICE  (the “Service”) only in the registered or agreed style in connection with the marketing and sale of the products and shall not use such trademarks, trade names or logos in connection with any other product or services or as part of any corporate or any trade name. the distributor recognize and agrees that all intellectual property rights in or relating to the prodigy trademarks, trade names, logos, copyright and patent 9”independent) and shall remain the sole and absolute property of UNIVERSAL INFO SERVICE. The independent distributor shall cease the use of the property from the time this agreement shall have been terminated and shall not use or adopt any mark name or logo deceptively similar thereto at any time thereafter and shall notify UNIVERSAL INFO SERVICE or any illegal or unauthorized use of any intellectual property.
17.     UNIVERSAL INFO SERVICE may from time to time amend display  by addition or deletion and may later the specification or designs of any service. The distributor shall not any claims, suits or proceedings brought against UNIVERSAL INFO SERVICE against any loss, damage or expense, including reasonable attorney’s fees, suffered by and distributor of any covenants, obligations or responsibilities contained in this agreement.






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