Easy Post Job FAQs


Ad Posting Job FAQs

How much money can i  make with this program ?

>>The amount of money you make is completely up to you. It will primarily depend on how much data entry you do everyday. The data entry generally the more money you will make. If you work 5 – 6  hours every day you can expect to make a good income. It will also depend on the companies/jobs you work with and our members area has information to help you decide.

Is there any registration fees?
» Yes, there are three different types of registrations.

Why am I being asked to pay an enrollment fee?
» The enrollment/registration fee covers our administrative cost. We are a “Quick Service” business and we work very hard to maintain a reliable and valuable data entry job service. You are billed this one-time fee and we will never charged again.

Can I pay the registration fee via cheque?
» Yes, but we delivered the work after collection the prescribed amount from the account.
Can I pay the enrollment fee after I join or can the fee be deducted from my earnings?
» No. Payment is required prior to gaining access to the Members Area. Sorry, but we do not allow any exceptions to this policy regardless of the situation.
Can I work from anywhere? 
» Yes you can work from anywhere as long as you have access to the internet.
What guarantees do you offer?
» As with any business opportunity, you are rewarded for you hard work. We are guarantee of success and do stand behind our programs 100%. We are available to assist and answer any questions and/or concerns you may have.
How soon can I start working?
» You can start working within 48 hours.
Do I have to make any monthly payments? 
» No.
 How can I be sure this is a legitimate opportunity?
» We have been in business from 6 years providing Online Program, Online Data Entry Job Opportunities to individuals around the world. Everything listed in our site is 100% true and the potential income is real. Provided you follow our instructions and continue to enter data daily, you’ll be paid for your work. We will make sure you are completely satisfied with this program.
Who pays for my Internet charges?
» The internet charge is totally of personal.
Are there any limits to my earnings? 
» Yes, we provide the limited job and limited earnings.
Are all the data entry forms the same?
» No. You will have access to several companies and each company is unique in their requirements. You will be able to review and select the companies you want to work with.
Why do I have to pay for Registration? 
» Registration fees is collected to offset administrative Charge, expenses of supporting you & also to ensure that you get work continually.
If I stop working can I claim any refund? 
» No, the registration fee is nonrefundable.
How Do I join the scheme? OR How do i pay the registration fees?
» Once you decide which scheme to join, you can pay the registration fees in any of the three different ways and you will get your account access details within 4 days after receiving your registration fees.
Am I obligated to work a certain amount of hours?
» No. You will never be forced to work. You can work whenever and wherever you want. With this opportunity, your work hours, days and time-off are completely flexible.