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2.     The daily work time calculated from 09.30 A.M to next day 09.30 A.M. (The assignment  allowed as per select the Package/Scheme ( Joining Fees ) given in the website) The time effect from- 22/01/2013.

3.     Type the Text Matter As given in the image file in the above text box.

4.     Type as it is. Do not make any spelling corrections.

5.     After every full stop, Comma, Semi colon put 2 blank spaces. In case of numeric or decimals, do not put space after decimals. For example in case of 0.25, type as 0.25, if type like 0. 25, it will be considered mistake.

6.     You've to work in plain text, nothing to worry about bold, italics etc. Just type plain text continuously.

7.     In case of paragraph, put one line space.

8.     In case you see any Indent (space) before starting of the line, you don't have to put any space or indent before the line.

9.     In case you find any special character or symbol which cannot be typed using keyboard, just put a blank space.

10.  Do not type the FILE No. mentioned at the end of each Assignment, in the text box.

11.  Click Submit button After filling all the relevant information required in the Right Side Panel, otherwise your work will not be Accepted.

12.  If you found last letter of any sentence of the image file (the letter shown in half not Cleared) then don't type the letter only put single space.

Now company give you the payment of every APPROVE file only, but there is not allowed any mistake like- full stop, comma, semi colon, spelling mistake, bold, symbol, space etc. company give you the Instruction for typing the work, If found any mistake then company disqualified the file & company not issued the payment of disqualified file.

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Instructions For Doing Online Data Entry Typing Job
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