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Jobs in Infosys

JOB OFFER/CATEGORY – There are various recruitment posts at Infosys, the demandable posts among the recruiters are as follows: Software Developer, Senior Associate Consultant, Customer Engineer, Technical Support Engineer, Software Engineer, and many other job posts. QUALIFICATION – A candidate must be a Graduate/Post-Graduate in B.E/B.Tech/ Science/Information Technology/MCA. SKILLS – Candidates are hired based on their skills. A recruiter applying for any of the job posts should be enhanced in IT skills, Teamwork, Analysis, Written and Verbal Communication skills, Client Focus, Leadership skills, etc. SALARY RANGE / BENEFIT – 
            Designated PostAvg. Annual Pay-Out to the Employees (Rs)
Software Developer3,31,402
Senior Consultant Associate8,96,084
Customer Engineer2,00,000
Software Engineer3,36,496
Technical Support Engineer2,79,982
Benefits: Infosys aims at providing numerous additional benefits to their employees to ease the environment of the workplace. These include Health Insurance, Soft Skill Training, Work from Home, International Relocation, Work flexibility, etc. COMPANY PROFILE – Infosys was founded on 7 July 1981, by seven engineers in Pune. The company headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. With over 259,619+ employees in 2021, the company’s total revenue is INR 102,673 crore (US$14 billion). Two major subsidiaries are Infosys Consulting Ltd. and Infosys Public Serving Inc. DESCRIPTION – Infosys is an Indian-based global IT company, aiming at services like business consultancy, outsourcing and IT services. Infosys, being the second largest IT Indian company, operates on developments of software and maintenance of finance, manufacturing and insurance to other companies. Advancement in software and technology led to modification in business opportunities for the clients of the company. Their key focus is to regenerate the company’s offerings, systems and processes and to label themselves as ‘digitally authorized’. This emphasises more on business systems and practices and existing technology. Infosys’s policy is to guide its customers on their execution to the digital future. Infosys believes in improving its work culture in every possible step. The company eases the environment of the workplace by allowing the employees to voice their opinion and new ideas. The employers and employees of the company show faith in every other employee, thus creating a friendly environment. ADDRESS – 44, Hosur Road, Electronics City, Bengaluru 560100, Karnataka, India. BUSINESS NATURE – Infosys provides policies to create an enduring and flexible organisation that abides by the proposal of their customers, aims at building various opportunities for the growth of their employees and providing effective returns to their investors. For more details visit website-